Agricultural researcher in uniform studying new sorts of cucumbers at work


Farming and ranching are the lifeblood of rural economies across the U.S. By partnering with Redeux, you can maximize the economic value of your land in a way that strengthens the broader community by boosting economic investment and development, local tax revenues, and job generation. Our decades of experience in energy project development and operations will produce an infrastructure plan that’s co-located seamlessly with existing agricultural operations – respecting the land as it has been used.

If you have land that is past its prime or needs a permanent break from crop production, we can help turn it into a site for clean energy production. In choosing Redeux, you can ensure your land continues to produce reliable, predictable income for generations while hedging against swings in the livestock and crop commodity markets.

Additionally, Redeux will work with you to determine any portions of land that you’d like to remain active, including but not limited to crop growth, pollinator vegetation, beekeeping, and raising animals such as sheep.

Contact us today to learn about how a solar installation might help make the most of your farmland.