A pumpjack at an oil drilling site at sunset.

Oil and Gas

Though it may surprise some, many oil and gas companies are turning to solar to increase their operations’ efficiency, saving extracted fuel for higher-value purposes. By leveraging their company-owned surface holdings, these companies diversify their energy portfolio, lower their holding tax liability, and meet ESG goals. 

With their large size and nearby infrastructure such as roads and transmission lines, oil and gas fields across the U.S. are excellent candidates for utility-scale solar + storage projects. Much of our team comes from the oil and gas world, so we’re able to use our experience to build solar projects that smoothly integrate into your oilfield while respecting current operational use. 

Nowadays, public officials are keen to find productive practices for multi-use energy development lands that win the support of local communities. Redeux can help you leverage public incentives to transform your company properties into revenue-generating solar plants. Do you have land holdings that have been unitized or pooled, developed for horizontal development with vast tracts of 640- or 1,280- acre DSUs that will go unutilized as vertical fields for 2P or 3P reserves? That’s right, Redeux speaks your language. We understand the complexities of energy production – whether it’s traditional, renewable or hybrid – and believe that every energy industry has a role to play in powering the future. We’ll help you leverage both assets and liabilities to capitalize on new energy opportunities.

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