Reclaiming our energy future

Redeux Energy is a utility-scale solar and storage development company that transforms greenfield, brownfield, and industrial lands into renewable power infrastructure that produces new revenue streams, meets ESG goals, and spurs economic and workforce development. 

We’re executing a multi-state development plan, working with landowners to boost the value of their properties with clean energy solutions that can be co-located with existing farming, timber, ranching, and resource extraction operations. In addition to “greenfield” project development, we partner with fossil fuel generators and resource suppliers to build clean energy projects that make use of existing electric grid resources and rights, maintain grid reliability, and manage the liabilities of legacy operations. 

Our strategy has resonated not only with investors but also with state and local economic development teams as well as some of the largest mining operators in the country in active discussions with us. We believe our approach optimizes land use and re-use, helping to address the growing demand for utility-scale solar power while also preserving current land use for farmland, timberland, and other virgin ground across the country.   

Drawing from a deep background in all sectors of the energy industry and with all stages of project development and operations, our team has the expertise to identify and engineer opportunities, acquire land, secure interconnection, and power offtake agreements and permit and construct best-in-class clean energy projects for utilities, cooperatives, corporates, and other large-scale power purchasers.  

In addition to grassroots origination, we also engage in co-development partnerships and project acquisitions.


Redeux Energy is a solar and storage
project development company

Battery Energy Storage Project Development

Redeux originates FTM storage projects with either distribution or transmission voltage interconnection. We engineer the projects, secure land positions, permits, interconnection and power marketing options either via bilateral agreements or merchant tariffs.

Solar Energy Project Development

Redeux originates utility-scale projects with transmission voltage interconnection, typically with ISO agreements. We engineer the projects, secure land positions, permits, interconnection and power marketing agreements. Our solar projects may include a battery energy storage component depending on market needs.

Joint Development

In addition to working with landowners to originate clean energy projects, we partner with other project developers – providing capital, expertise and capacity.


Our mission is to develop win-win
solar and storage infrastructure solutions

Our mission is to develop win-win-win solar and storage infrastructure solutions that produce clean, reliable energy for large consumers and grid operators, generate alternative revenue for our landowner partners, and stimulate economic and workforce development for the communities in which we operate.

The Redeux team has decades and gigawatts of experience in solar and storage project development, engineering, offtake origination, financing, construction, and energy plant operations. Our seasoned land team knows both surface and mineral leasing and acquisition across a wide range of natural resource industries. It is this broad experience that enables us to assess prospective sites for commercial viability, then develop and engineer economical, best-in-class clean energy projects to meet utility-scale demand.

We see the potential of solar and energy storage projects to create new economic opportunities for our industry partners, as well as the workforce and broader communities that depend on them. We bridge knowledge gaps between industries and communities to foster economic development, increase tax receipts, and enhance property value – all while bolstering the electric grid with clean, reliable infrastructure.

As we oversee the permitting process for our projects, we engage local communities and our landowner partners from the outset. We understand winning public approval goes beyond checking off boxes, so we seek the input of local officials and other community stakeholders to ensure projects are not just approved but embraced by the communities in which they operate.

We’re fortunate to be backed by private equity firms Cathexis Holdings LP and Thoroughbred Holdings, both of whom bring investing experience and deep relationships in the energy, infrastructure, and natural resource sectors.



Choosing to lease your land for solar development, and selecting a development partner, is one of the most important decisions you can make for the legacy of your landholdings. Whether you own a farm, ranch or commercial/industrial site, or whether land is currently cultivated, grazed or in active operation; solar and solar + storage projects developed by Redeux offer many benefits, including long-term and predictable revenue streams, achieving ESG goals and stimulating local economic development.

We work with landowners and operators across a wide range of markets and industries to develop clean, reliable energy generation and storage infrastructure to serve local needs or to supply the electric grid. Our decades of experience in energy development in rural communities means we understand the unique needs of our agricultural land partners and hometown communities.

You can have confidence that Redeux is the right project development partner because we share your passion for the land and offer the professionalism you deserve. We engage directly with area landowners, local officials, and community stakeholders for input throughout the development life cycle. We seek and respond to community input on how best to integrate renewable energy projects into the surrounding landscape, working in harmony with the natural attributes that make your community special. Redeux takes pride in every partnership with landowners large and small.

We also uniquely understand the implications of large-scale energy project development for our land and natural resource industry partners. That’s why we take a holistic approach, applying our industry expertise to tailor the engineering of each of our projects to co-locate them with our partners’ sites.

Markets and Industries


Redeux’s experience in structuring solar partnerships is unparalleled. We have the flexibility to create a partnership that works for both parties from concept through project operations. Particularly for early-stage developers who have strong local community ties, we can not only provide the capital, but also apply our regulatory, engineering, site optimization, permitting, financing, and power offtake origination experience to advance your project to construction.

Whether you are a consultant, landowner, developer or EPC, we will find a way to bring your project to fruition while maximizing your value in the deal.

Before Re-Development

After Re-Development

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