Reclaiming our energy future

Redeux Energy develops utility-scale renewable energy generation infrastructure with a focus on transforming reclaimed mining and industrial sites into next-generation, clean power plants.

We believe beneficial reuse of existing mining and industrial sites will be increasingly encouraged at the federal, state and local levels. Redeux cost-effectively and efficiently sites, permits and interconnects new renewable energy projects while supporting local needs for economic and workforce development.

The Redeux team has deep experience in solar and storage project development and operations, as well as acquisition and redevelopment of mining and industrial lands. Redeux is backed by Cathexis Holdings LP,  a well-capitalized private equity investor with significant real estate holdings.


Redeux Energy is a solar and storage
project development company

Solar energy project development

Redeux originates utility-scale projects with transmission voltage interconnection, typically with ISO agreements. We engineer the projects, secure land positions, permits, interconnection and power marketing agreements. Our solar projects may include a battery energy storage component depending on market needs.

Battery energy storage project development

Redeux originates FTM storage projects with either distribution or transmission voltage interconnection. We engineer the projects, secure land positions, permits, interconnection and power marketing options either via bilateral agreements or merchant tariffs.


Our experience in structuring solar partnerships is unparalleled. We have the capital, expertise and flexibility to create a partnership that works for both parties from concept through project operations. Whether you are a consultant, land owner, or developer and EPC, we will find a way to bring your project to fruition while maximizing your value in the deal.

Before Re-Development

Land Owners

Working with Redeux Energy to develop a solar or energy storage project on your property is an effective way to maximize the value of your land. We have experience working with landowners over the long-term to create lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships through the power of clean energy.

Redeux Energy engages local officials and community stakeholders for input throughout our development process. We seek community input on how best to integrate renewable energy projects into the surrounding landscape.

After Re-Development

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