Empower Your Land
and Legacy

Whether you’re farming, ranching, timbering or holding for industrial use, we add value to your land with steady income from a solar farm that will also benefit your community.

Two workers stand in a wheat field with a tractor in the background.

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Oil & Gas



Seeking reliable, predictable income to hedge against inflation and swings in crop commodity markets? Let Redeux show you the many benefits of co-locating a solar farm.


By co-locating a solar farm, ranchers can gain stable, long-term income to hedge against commodity cycles in an increasingly volatile marketplace.


Tree farms can take several decades to realize income. With Redeux, you benefit from a reliable, annual revenue stream immediately after you harvest.

Oil & Gas Operations

Transform unproductive surface land into a guaranteed revenue stream by leasing to Redeux for a utility-scale solar & storage project development.


Looking to mitigate reclamation obligations and balance-sheet liabilities associated with your post-mine brownfield land? Redeux can redevelop your site into a clean energy income stream that meets your ESG objectives.

The Ideal Property

We work with property owners — from ranchers to farmers to industrial land use companies — to transform their land into sources of clean energy.

700+ acres — use a portion of your land or build with a neighbor

Does not contain major flood plains or wetlands

Flat land or rolling hills with limited slope

Located near electrical transmission infrastructure

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