Battery Energy Storage Development

Developing battery energy storage projects for both distribution and transmission grid services.

Close up side view of large white solar energy storage boxes with a forest in the background.

Solutions to Improve Power
Quality, Energy Dispatch,
and Renewables Integration

With favorable federal tax incentives and broad market adoption, battery energy storage (BESS) deployment will accelerate in most energy markets. Redeux has the expertise to site and engineer BESS projects, secure permits and interconnection agreements, and to assess power offtake options – including bilateral agreements and merchant tariffs.

600 GWh

US grid-scale storage market is projected to reach 600 GWh by 2031

85% Grid Scale

Of the projected 192 GWh US storage through 2026, 85% will be grid-scale storage

212% YoY Growth

Over 200% annual MW deployment of grid-scale storage projects

Market Participation

Utility-scale battery storage systems have storage capacity ranging from 10 megawatt hours (MWh) to over 1000 MWh. Redeux designs storage projects that profitably serve retail and wholesale energy markets.

Energy Reliability

Large-scale storage solutions improve grid power quality and mitigate energy price volatility. Redeux offers solutions for large industrial and utility loads.