Hybrid Solar & Storage
Project Development

We create hybrid solar and energy storage projects that generate reliable, clean electricity while delivering predictable yields for investors.

A large array of solar panels in a barren desert ground.

Delivering Reliable,
Dispatchable Clean Energy

Across private and public sectors, commitments to mitigate the effects of climate change along with favorable tax policy promoting economic development are driving massive deployments of solar and battery energy storage projects.
To power the transition to a cleaner electric grid, Redeux works with a wide range of constituents – from landowners and local economic development offices to transmission operators and utility-scale energy consumers – to develop best-in-class projects.


Solar energy projects represent roughly 50% of new electricity capacity additions in the U.S.

300 GW

300 GW of new capacity is projected to be installed over the next decade — three times greater than the amount installed through 2021.

19 K

A 100-megawatt (MW) utility-scale solar project produces enough energy to power 19,000 homes.

Utility-scale Solar

Typical projects are sized to generate 100MWac and require 700-900 acres of land near high-voltage transmission lines. We design with single-axis trackers that can be installed on a wide variety of terrain.

Transmission Facilities

Redeux projects interconnect at transmission voltage, typically at 115kV and greater. Our development scope includes storage projects adjacent to new substations or expansions of existing substations.

Distributed Generation Solutions

For energy-intensive projects (20MW or greater loads), Redeux can craft solar generation solutions, with or without storage, to improve power quality and reduce electric utility expenses.

AC- or DC-coupled Energy Storage

Redeux has the expertise to select the optimal storage configuration option to pair with solar, depending on the appropriate market application.