Utility-Scale Solar & Storage Development Engineering and Technical Services at Redeux

By Milap Shah, Vice President, Engineering, Redeux Energy

Milap Shah is an experienced renewable energy and utility professional with over 25 years of expertise in engineering.

When developing, planning, and constructing high-quality, utility-scale, solar and energy storage projects, engineering is certainly a critical competency. But, too often, it’s not a central focus for early-stage development and due diligence, making project execution much more difficult down the line. 

At Redeux, we make engineering a high priority from the start, and it’s an area where we have an advantage over other pure-play development shops. Redeux has built a team of engineers and technical services experts with over 70 years of collective experience, including more than 40 years in the renewable energy space with major Independent Power Producers, Utilities, and Consultants. This allows us to conduct the necessary project planning and due diligence alongside the rest of our development process. Ultimately, it results in higher-quality projects for our partners that are much easier to execute later in the project life cycle. 

Meet the Team

Redeux’s in-house engineering and technical services team is built to give us the core necessary capabilities to evaluate and optimize every project while managing expertise from third-party consultants as needed. 

Our team has a manager for each of the following key disciplines: :

Transmission: We determine prudent project size and grid location for solar and battery storage projects. This is often the first step in our process, and from there other market strategy, land, and development opportunities are addressed.

Environmental and Permitting: We identify and flag any potential project permitting risks and pitfalls early in the development life cycle. For worthwhile projects, we develop mitigation scopes and strategies to address these risks.

Civil Engineering: We consider project access, slope, grading, setback, geotechnical, constructability, and more during the project due diligence and preliminary design process.

Electrical Engineering: We review the grid connection options and potential design of each project, adding even more value to our early-stage development process, including optimization for high-voltage interconnection.

What Sets Redeux Apart

If you work in the renewable energy industry, you know that the depth of experience and capabilities of a team like this is not common for an early- and mid-stage developer. Most companies our size rely heavily on third-party consultants, who often work in silos without close collaboration with the land and development teams. This approach can lead to conflicts and confusion, not only in the early stages but further along in project execution as well. It can also make it more difficult for questions and concerns to be answered as they arise later in the development cycle.

The Redeux Process

Our Engineering and Technical Services team plays a part in every single project we produce. We look at each project from not just the perspective of early development, but with an owner-operator mindset, and we have the experience and expertise to back that up. Our team’s breadth of knowledge means we’ve seen the issues projects face during each stage of the process —development, interconnection, design, procurement, permit, construction, testing and commissioning, and operation. By considering and addressing these problems early on, we can save work down the line and ensure that every project we hand off to a client is de-risked as much as possible, high-quality, and ready to move forward.

Not only does our process ensure high-quality projects today, but it also allows us to stay up to date with the latest innovations and technology and anticipate the future when handing off our projects to Independent Power Producers. As a committed Engineering and Technical Services team, we remain engaged with each of our projects and can offer a sophisticated, partnership-style approach. At Redeux, we pride ourselves on creating a seamless transition for our projects with a clear view ahead for project completion.

The Redeux Difference

At Redeux, we know the value of collaboration and consistency. From the very start of a project, all of our teams collaborate, iterate, and optimize, and we ensure everyone is not just on the same page, but the same line before moving on to the next steps. This is part of why we value our own in-house engineering and technical services team, and why our customers do as well.

Redeux is powered by world-class people and processes. We ensure project quality and consistency above all. We are committed to providing high-quality projects to our partners, and constantly working to improve our processes to better align with what our customers are looking for in utility-scale solar and storage project development. 

If you’re looking for a partner to develop or invest in utility-scale solar or energy storage projects, there’s no better company than Redeux to ensure your project will be successful from early- and mid-stage development through to operation. Connect with us to learn more.